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Star Stable based digital art!

When I post digital, or even traditional, It is most likely ponies, dogs, cats, etc. But here I have some people art… star stable based, even! 😀

So enjoy, they both took about an hour each.

I’m really proud of both of these, I love how the faces came out. I hope to grow into the art style and make it my natural muscle memory!

I love these, if you would like a special request, mail me in-game! I’ll post it on here, and if you have Instagram I’ll see to posting it on there as well! (it will be a portrait like listed above.)
Thanks again for reading, though it was short.

Kiwi — Over & Out —


Longing to Play… || Big Fat Mistakes

It’s going to be over 2 weeks soon since I’ve been able to play star stable… just recently on here I’ve made a rant. Talking about what the situation is. But yea, still VERY upset. I’m thinking it’s going to be awhile… because if they fix it I hope, just HOPE that they announce any arranges on their news. Because star stable is officially uninstalled until further notice. So, I have been looking up games LIKE star stable that I’d maybe insist on trying. The top two choices I got were Alicia Online  Which I am leaning towards more than… •  Planet Horse. Planet horse seems more graphically boring, to me. It also seems boring in general. So tomorrow or so I’m hoping to install Alicia Online. It’s mostly like Star Stable, just that it’s based on an anime look (which I don’t care if it is or not) and that I’ve been viewing some game-plays of it and the sound effects sound spot on! It seems they creators put more work into the characters than the horse itself, in a horse game.

Hopefully everything goes smoothly, and soon sso fixes their bugs and mistakes. You know what? I’m not even going to call this a bug, glitch, or anything of that category. I’m going to call this A BIG FAT MISTAKE. (Excuse my French.)

On a different note; I am learning French! I actually started this LONG ago, but I’ve been getting better. And before school ended they said they will be adding French (or Spanish) into the curriculum. So that inspired me to get a head start!

Thanks again for reading, are you guys having any issues on your game-play?

-cough- I’ve also been taking this time away from Star Stable to watch Jacksepticeye.

Well that does it for this video, if you liked it, PUNCH that like button in the face, LIKE A BOSS. And high fives all round, and I’ll see all you dudes in the next video!

Yes, I am a dork.

But yea, l8rs!

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(GMM is fab too)


Disappointment || Rant

So it’s been a week since I’ve been able to play Star Stable Online. Well, they have just recently made 2 Redeem Codes [10MILLION & WE<3YOU] and one was for a jacket that was quite beautiful and the second one was for 100 star coins (and I believe star rider.) Today I had to chance to get on, so I logged on, pressed “PLAY” and it loaded… and then my whole computer went BLACK. Then this popped up.


And then my screen’s resolution went to an 8 bit depth, and my computer is a 32 bit depth, in color depth. Which when logging on it usually changes color depth, but only temporally.  I think that all of SSO HQ’S work on the screen resolution in game and recent updates are the meaning behind this. Though, I may be completely wrong. Whatever it is, it’s annoying as crap and SSO really need to find a way to test their updates before releasing them. Like when they changed the screen viewing. They didn’t have to. Yea, it would be cool to give them game a different look, but it wasn’t a need. It was perfectly fine the way it was. Then, I got used to the new way it looked… but then they modified it again. After they changed it .. ONCE MORE… I had to fix it a bit in-game. Still leaving my with a foggy view and two huge black columns on each side of my game screen.

I am HIGHLY upset, frustrated, and most of all; PEEVED. I know it works for many other people, but some players may have low resolution that equals to the game. I do NOT. I would really like it if SSO HQ started making different variations for different computer resolutions. Yes, it may be hard. But it is harder on the heart to have to know that I have a Lifetime account, star coins, friends, memories, and fun waiting for me. But with this problem I can’t even play. I have no clue if this is happening to other players, cause if it is, I hope with all my heart that Star Stable Online HQ KNOWS. Because this is heartbreaking and truly unbearable.

Thank you for reading

~ Samantha Longgarden

Rant and Rave || Clubs

This rant is not to offend anyone in clubs like these, or do these things. Just a pure thought that kind of makes me rant and rave.



A lot of you have seen this..



Well I see this a lot. It’s probably one of my biggest pet peeves on star stable too.                So let me get this out there…

  • All clubs start small.
  • It’s not the club that’s nice, it’s the people in it.
  • the reason why they are popular is because they’re big, maybe have many medias that they’re on, etc.

I have said this once, and regretted it. Being invited to a BIG club that was popular and I got a club that never included their members, (due to its size.)  Only came together to boast about how big the club was…

Also, If you’re advertising your club, or a club you’re in… please.. do NOT say this                “Come join (club name)! We’re the best!”

This also a big peeve of mine. Your club, or someone else’s cannot be the best  because there are TONS of clubs out there are extremely terrific! In fact when I saw this advertisement I have never even SEEN that club before! Either some super person came and organized ALL the clubs that are on star stable (which is likely impossible) and saw that their’s were the best, OR they were just saying that to get more people in. Never say this, it’s like lying to people saying, “Hey come join this club and you’ll BE the best” and once they join and see it wasn’t true.. they’ll leave and you won’t have any respect.  It’s very important to be true and honest when you’re first wanting people to join your club. You don’t want your club to be like a jail where people are striving to be good so they won’t get kicked out and won’t be ‘cool.’

Sorry for the long post, I hope you finished it all and that you take it to heart! Maybe it will even help in the future!

This has been on my shoulders, weighing me down for a while and it’s kind of annoying. I hope the word gets out and players will be more careful and most of all honest when advertising their club. I want everyone to have a good experience with building a club and going that direction isn’t the best.

Thanks again,

 – Kiwi 


Ultimate Cringe Outfit [No offense] || Tips?

So I was wanderin’ around and then I went to ‘The View’ (As I call it) And I saw this lonely person and I saw – at first- Beautiful horse, with all white tack (I don’t enjoy looking at all white tack, idk, it’s just odd) She’s wearing white TIGHT pants, white shoes, white CAT, everything WHITE… and what do I see? A black and gold sweater. Like..

What in tar-nation…

Why ruin it?

I am not making fun, nor pointing out this person. Just judging to myself about the logic in this outfit. If you do this kinda thing, okay, just don’t get offended. This is my open opinion and I just think outfits shouldn’t just be like that, I mean if you want to be all one solid piece then be one. Don’t just.. ugh.. ya know… Ruin the groove with an opposite sweater/ jacket/ and or hoodie. Just a tip ;0




Also, I’ve been looking in my ‘stats’ on here and it turns out I get a lot more ‘view traffic’ than I thought. Thank you guys and I hope you enjoy my content!  I try to come up with some stuff here and there, I’m quite busy so I do my best! ❤

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Star stables 5th birthday, MISSED IT ALL

Okay, so a lot of you all know in the sso community that when Star Stable’s 5th birthday came around the game started having a few.. no.. alot of problems. Graphics, lagging, you name it. I was having trouble even walking around. The only place I could talk and type easily was in the Fashion Barn, In Silverglade Village. I couldn’t do ONE SINGLE Birthday activity!!! I was quite dissapointed. 3- 4 weeks later I finally got it working, but my mom had to use 100 dollars just to get the new graphics card and install. (thank you for helping, Best Buy) I’m so upset I missed the extra XP races, the treasure hunt thing, and everything else.  -sigh- I guess I’ll have to wait for next year. 

Well thanks for reading and don’t forget to catch me frolicking around on Night Star!
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