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Fashions of Jorvik || Part 2

So this is going to be.. fairly long. There is a lot of media here so yea, a lot of entries. I’m really sorry about the delayed content. I have been really busy and never got to the point of getting on here. I’m not even sure if this is all of it.. but WOO.. It took awhile xD

Anyhow, thanks for waiting and your unbelievable patience, I can’t thank y’all enough. If you’re wanting to be in the next ‘part’ or ’round’ just mail me or message below. I’d love to meet up and take a quick picture!

~ Keira Mcbrooke ~
~ Haley Understar ~
~ Amanda Flowerborn ~
~ Alessia Skyheart ~
~ Mia Swordfeather ~
~ Paige Bravefield ~ “Credit to: Kate Eastfield”
~ Margaret Ravenknight ~
~ Keira Mcbrooke ~
~ Piper Northhope ~
~ Samantha Longgarden ~
~ Olivia Youngpark ~
~ Madelyn Shortson ~
~ Bella Moonsea ~
~ Layla Lightninghill ~
~ Lara Friendhand ~
~ Leoni Grayson ~
~ Stella Starchild ~

There you all have it! Fashions of Jorvik || Prt. 2!

This took, heh, a LONG TIME. I truly hope it’s worth the wait and that it is helpful. I’d like it announce that the next “part.” will definitely NOT be as long as this one, (for sure.)


If you are interested in being in the next session for Fashions of Jorvik; please, inform me. I’d love to get together and surely go and take some pictures for some more content on here!

“Look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder”  — recoveryexperts.com

Thank you all for your patience and I hope you all have a blessed day

Kiwi — Over & Out —

I was bored …|| Short Story (?)

On the road trip I was bored and didn’t have any internet connection. So, I just started making a little story (not related to the sso series.) So, here it is~

The wind whispered through the hollow woods. The horse’s hooves stumbling along the dirt path was amusing to my ears. My heart beat races with my horse’s. I heard the distant mumbling of town folk, we’re near. I race faster and faster to the village. We finally arrive. I give my horse, Flint, some water. We then make our way to the Valedale Championship.

The race attendant hands me a quick card to sign off stating I will race fairly. We walk up to the starting line, 3 minutes to spare.

Groups of riders line up next to me, smirking. I lose a bit of confidence, but Flint whinnied fiercely at the other competitors and I gain it back. The terrain was tough, but Flint was well-footed. The trees scattered about made it some-what difficult to see what lays ahead. I hear shouting, and ‘whooping.’ Next thing I knew, I hear gun shots. The race had begun.

Herds and bunches of mounted riders come racing past me, soon slowing down. Huge logs and picnic tables scared about the river bank. Some riders jumped, some riders swerved, I just went around it. The tree’s stumps came curving out of the ground. Some jumped over it, or around. I went under it. As Flint and I finish the race I remember something.

‘I always find a new angle of doing something. No one else does it, only me. It’s odd. Dangerous. Daring.’

I come back to reality and find myself in 1st place. I watch the next batch of racers. They saw what I did, they copied it, they won. Could it be accidental short cuts? Glitches? Something was up, paths were more laid out than before. I could sense my horse wanting to go the new way, but instead of following the rest. We made our own paths. What was going on? When did this start to happen? Why? All these questions started racing through my mind. I began to become worried. I hopped off Flint, and lead him back to the stables.

There it is :3 Yep, yay ;D Hope you liked that little turd. xD Anyways, this isn’t going to be a series… I think.. :> Yea.. probably not. Okie dokie… bye! Stay tuned for more content this week!

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Outfits || “Who are you wearing?”

Hello everyone! Lately I have been making outfits as I go. I am here to share some with you once more! Also, one person that I was talking to who knew my blog and read daily (Thanks btw) said, “I can’t wait till next Saturday so I can buy the stuff I need for that yellow and moorland outfit/ set!.” My heart fluttered. It felt so nice for people to use my outfits that I came up with. (some may partially have been inspired by passing by players.) If you are inspired by these outfits. . . go ahead and use them! That’s why they’re there! You’re little own fashion store! (or something of that sort XD)

Anyways, I have some outfits here:

Hunter Green
Minty City
Burgundy Beauty (with cap)
Burgundy Beauty No.2 (with helmet)
Coral Daze
Glamorous Gal (with sport)
Glamorous Gal No.2 ( with moorland brown)


Inferno Fresh

There ya have it! Sorry this came in so delayed. It was supposed to be uploaded awhile back but I never got the chance to upload all the media (pictures.) Thank you all for the support and I hope you enjoy my content such as this! ❤ If you’d like to use one of these outfits (or more) and don’t know the information… look for it at Star Stable Data Base. It will help you a lot! Mail me on sso to inform me you’re using the outfits. I’d love to hear some feedback! Later Taters!~

Don’t forget to find me frolicking along on Night Star! ôωô

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Ultimate Cringe Outfit [No offense] || Tips?

So I was wanderin’ around and then I went to ‘The View’ (As I call it) And I saw this lonely person and I saw – at first- Beautiful horse, with all white tack (I don’t enjoy looking at all white tack, idk, it’s just odd) She’s wearing white TIGHT pants, white shoes, white CAT, everything WHITE… and what do I see? A black and gold sweater. Like..

What in tar-nation…

Why ruin it?

I am not making fun, nor pointing out this person. Just judging to myself about the logic in this outfit. If you do this kinda thing, okay, just don’t get offended. This is my open opinion and I just think outfits shouldn’t just be like that, I mean if you want to be all one solid piece then be one. Don’t just.. ugh.. ya know… Ruin the groove with an opposite sweater/ jacket/ and or hoodie. Just a tip ;0




Also, I’ve been looking in my ‘stats’ on here and it turns out I get a lot more ‘view traffic’ than I thought. Thank you guys and I hope you enjoy my content!  I try to come up with some stuff here and there, I’m quite busy so I do my best! ❤

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Youtuber Appreciation! || Star Stable Online


I’d like to announce these few (out of many) Youtubers on Star Stable! Most of us are friends and some are just ‘hang when not busy’ pals! I have been planning this post for awhile and taking pictures as much as I can and tried to get this up on Valentine’s Day but NOPE. I took too long! XD I still hope I did well on this.

Dear Everyone on Youtube (Star Stable) ,

I truly enjoy your laughs, training, and generally.. videos! I think the SSO community is brighter within the servers when we have great people like you all!  I had a great experience  meeting you all and getting to talk to you on your side of the story and I hope to hang out more often!

Some of the players/ youtubers listed below may, or may not see this but they shall know that at least someone fans-posts over them! So with respect to those who take time to what great content they give!

(I also have Rose Highstar but we didn’t have the time to meet up, -we were very busy- but just know that I have here especially down on this appreciation post too!

~ Ania Archblanket ~
~ Molly Beehall ~
~ Violet Flowergarden ~
~ Sara Sunfall ~

~ Rose Highstar ~ (picture NA)

~ Ellie Lightcloud ~
~ Crystal Kittenlake ~
~ Beata Shysmith ~
~ Ellie Greenfall ~

It’s not just these few youtubers that post great SSO content but everyone else who does as well! Sadly, I couldn’t get pictures and time to meet EVERYONE, you can understand that. Right? Good, I hope you do.

To all who post great SSO content I adore it all! Even if I don’t see it! I still think it’s great? ‘But how can you say it’s great if you haven’t seen it, Kiwi?’ -You may ask- Well, it’s simple. Whoever takes time in what they do and do it with enjoyment then it’s worth it. And I support all who do it, art, blogs, videos etc! I appreciate it all, I think it makes SSO a brighter highlight! ♡


Don’t forget to find me frolicking along on Night Star!

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Some more digital art!

Hello! Today I have some more digital art… so yea! Enjoy!





For my friend: Catherine Ponywright


My awesome oc: Pudding! I changed her hair & eyes .3.


Request for my sis. :3

My newest boy oc: Galde (aka: Golden Lyric


Celebration Stables! Man, that’s some decorations on that flank!

Well, that’s it! Stay tuned for more!

If you’re interested in a commission for a horse, or a pony.. or person: Go to my store and contact me!

Store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SRArtbox?ref=hdr_shop_menu

So yea! That’s that XD

Don’t forget to find my frolicking along on Night Star!

Kiwi — Over & Out —

Fans??? | Made My Day

I understand that like Youtubers mostly get like fan-girling and all that on SSO… but this just made my day. A lot of bloggers don’t even get one little notification on SSO from their blog.   (  Unless you’re a really, really popular player >3<  ) But this.. this just made my heart flutter ❤

So I was strutting around Silverglade Village and this player had a beautiful horse, and an amazing outfit and tack concept so I decided to friend her thinking, Maybe I can get some inside tips from her about outfits.  Because actually, it’s kinda hard to make new outfits out of the blue. –For me- So I friended her, next thing I now, I have a group invite from her. (  Or him  ) And so I accept it, and she asks, “Don’t you have a blog?” and I responded, “Yes, why?” And she said “I absolutely love your blog! You do such a great job with you blog. I found you frolicking along on Night Star! :D”

That sentence…




I was astonished, it was like you have been locked in a box of disappointment and you hear a key and the doors are finally opened, and someone is there saying, “You’re alright, you do well.”

It finally happened, my first ‘fan’ or something of that sort x) I just want to thank you, Sadie Springleaf for appreciating my work, it made my day.. thoroughly 🙂

This fabulous player :’)

Also, after we met and hung out for a while we came to a conclusion to remake STAR AGENTS! So that’s open for business and pleasure! Just contact me through Star Stable Online -I’m Samantha Longgarden- (Uh, duh) So yea 😀 Thanks again Sadie! ❤

Don’t forget to find me frolicking along on Night Star!

Kiwi — Over & Out —