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Rant and Rave || Clubs

This rant is not to offend anyone in clubs like these, or do these things. Just a pure thought that kind of makes me rant and rave.



A lot of you have seen this..



Well I see this a lot. It’s probably one of my biggest pet peeves on star stable too.                So let me get this out there…

  • All clubs start small.
  • It’s not the club that’s nice, it’s the people in it.
  • the reason why they are popular is because they’re big, maybe have many medias that they’re on, etc.

I have said this once, and regretted it. Being invited to a BIG club that was popular and I got a club that never included their members, (due to its size.)  Only came together to boast about how big the club was…

Also, If you’re advertising your club, or a club you’re in… please.. do NOT say this                “Come join (club name)! We’re the best!”

This also a big peeve of mine. Your club, or someone else’s cannot be the best  because there are TONS of clubs out there are extremely terrific! In fact when I saw this advertisement I have never even SEEN that club before! Either some super person came and organized ALL the clubs that are on star stable (which is likely impossible) and saw that their’s were the best, OR they were just saying that to get more people in. Never say this, it’s like lying to people saying, “Hey come join this club and you’ll BE the best” and once they join and see it wasn’t true.. they’ll leave and you won’t have any respect.  It’s very important to be true and honest when you’re first wanting people to join your club. You don’t want your club to be like a jail where people are striving to be good so they won’t get kicked out and won’t be ‘cool.’

Sorry for the long post, I hope you finished it all and that you take it to heart! Maybe it will even help in the future!

This has been on my shoulders, weighing me down for a while and it’s kind of annoying. I hope the word gets out and players will be more careful and most of all honest when advertising their club. I want everyone to have a good experience with building a club and going that direction isn’t the best.

Thanks again,

 – Kiwi 



Fans??? | Made My Day

I understand that like Youtubers mostly get like fan-girling and all that on SSO… but this just made my day. A lot of bloggers don’t even get one little notification on SSO from their blog.   (  Unless you’re a really, really popular player >3<  ) But this.. this just made my heart flutter ❤

So I was strutting around Silverglade Village and this player had a beautiful horse, and an amazing outfit and tack concept so I decided to friend her thinking, Maybe I can get some inside tips from her about outfits.  Because actually, it’s kinda hard to make new outfits out of the blue. –For me- So I friended her, next thing I now, I have a group invite from her. (  Or him  ) And so I accept it, and she asks, “Don’t you have a blog?” and I responded, “Yes, why?” And she said “I absolutely love your blog! You do such a great job with you blog. I found you frolicking along on Night Star! :D”

That sentence…




I was astonished, it was like you have been locked in a box of disappointment and you hear a key and the doors are finally opened, and someone is there saying, “You’re alright, you do well.”

It finally happened, my first ‘fan’ or something of that sort x) I just want to thank you, Sadie Springleaf for appreciating my work, it made my day.. thoroughly 🙂

This fabulous player :’)

Also, after we met and hung out for a while we came to a conclusion to remake STAR AGENTS! So that’s open for business and pleasure! Just contact me through Star Stable Online -I’m Samantha Longgarden- (Uh, duh) So yea 😀 Thanks again Sadie! ❤

Don’t forget to find me frolicking along on Night Star!

Kiwi — Over & Out —


Meeting some famous people | SSO’S Most known Youtubers

Well… I don’t watch these people a lot, but I do know that they are VERY POPULAR AND I’VE ALWAYS waned to meet them! Well I have ony spotted 3 but looking for more!

I actually caught Violet looking for the Christmas present in Moorland. She needed help finding it, and I helped her receive the awesome present!
We used to be friends awhile back but slowly grow away from each other. So happy to see Sara Sunfall again.

I also met Rose HighStar, but she isn’t on a lot (probably because of fan things to look over and he famous YouTube career) But she actually had a space in her friend list and now we’re friends! Sadly, we don’t talk a lot but I can say that it sure is cool to see some popular people on Star Stable Online!

– I’ll try to get a pic of Rose soon –

Well that’s all I have for now and don’t forget to find me frolicking along on Night-Star! ❤

Kiwi — Over & Out —