Star Stable

I have been playing Star Stable for.. about 4 years. And sometimes I’m head forward in quests but most of the time I’m hanging around with clubmates and/ or friends.

I’m level 18 right now. I’m on the Night Star server. I’m a lifetime rider. I have many horses (still need to train).

Awhile back I was interested in ANY virtual horse game. I eventually found out about Star Stable. I went crazy about it for months. I would watch all the sso videos on YouTube I could find! Then my mom downloaded it onto me and my sisters little computer and I was so excited. Unfortunately, it made the computer as slow as ever. Plus, when I played all you saw was different colored and varieties of pixels, everywhere. My mom would look over my shoulder asking, “How are you playing with it like that?!?!” And of course, being as stubborn as I am (and desperate to play) I said, “It’s fine to me!”

Then my mom thought that was sad, so she let me download it on her computer *she gave mercy >:3. So here I am now, with  Star Stable, happy as ever.

I hope you all enjoy my blog/ website! And don’t forget to find me frolicking along on Night Star! I’m pretty active (mostly around after 5 – eastern time – on weekdays)

Kiwi —- Over & Out —-