Lacking || Art

I sadly haven’t been uploading as much art on here as I wish to but I do have some creations here that I have done.

I did the first two on Window’s Paint, that comes with the computer. I DID THE FIRST 2 WITH A MOUSE & KEYBOARD. (°ロ°)☝  Did the last one on my mom’s Samsung Note on Ibis Paint! Also, I don’t know if any of you guys will notice, but probably 75% chance someone will. I drew Blue Star, from the series: Warriors. It’s the Warrior Cat series! I have just started the first book, first series. ‘Into the Wild’  in ‘The Prophesies Begin.’     

Anyways, here are the pictures! Sorry for not that many…



There you have it! I’m also going to be working on a horse drawing. :v So that should be coming close to finish soon~     (hopefully I’ll actually upload it on here on time.)

Thanks again for reading,


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Meet the Gamer! /player

This took… some time. I did it all on Photoshop and phew, did I have to figure things out! I finally completed this thingamajigg and I feel accomplished. It’s kind of like,”Meet the Artist,” but it’s kind of different toward the facts that it is for Star Stable Online, and it doesn’t show real name, personal information like that … kind of like a fact & opinion list? I don’t know, I just went with it.


I’m thoroughly proud of this.   ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ     Pretty nifty, yeh?
I as well made the background to this, I do say so myself.

Photoshop is a time saver … sometimes. (;一_一)

Any-who, tood-a-loo!

Thanks again for reading and …


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Update || Art

All thorough apologies shall be said here and now. I’m sorry about the shortage on pictures of my art, I just haven’t been able to have the chance to take pictures of quite recent ones… But here are some I did while we were traveling last weekend.


Ah  yes, Marinette from “Miraculous” It’s actually a really good show. If you’re into dorky junk like I do x3
I attempted in drawing a quick cartoon-ish colored sketch of my dog, Karma. Trust me I can do better xP

There you have it! Some … ok … drawings I guess. xD If you’d like more information on whether Star Stable Online, Art, or anything go on ahead and contact me! I’d love to get right back to you!

Once again, H.A.G.S

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Summer Break!

Phew! It’s finally here, let the Summer time festivities roll in to Star Stable!

Today I felt spunky, so I did some daily quests and regular ones… next thing I know I reunite the Rockwell family and help Ricky with his competition (Things I could never even take a foot into in real life.. except maybe for Ricky). All days of work ends with a good rest. Here are some picture of the action!

Ricky Winterwell … did kame hame haa .. from Super Saiyan; Dragon Ball Z…   wow
ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ    GO RICKY!
Whoa! SSO.. so.. no romance roles?  \ (●´ω`●) /

Though quests can be a pain in the butt… you can’t blame them. Advantages your XP, Knowledge on the Story Line or Off- Story Line, you never know. I actually enjoyed this. Just kind of in need of an anger management when is comes to when I have to grab something for a character and it’s right next to them. But yeh, it was nice.

Thanks again for reading this mamble jamble of words and pictures. What recent quests have you been doing?

H.A.G.S                    (Have a Great Summer!)

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Rant and Rave || Clubs

This rant is not to offend anyone in clubs like these, or do these things. Just a pure thought that kind of makes me rant and rave.



A lot of you have seen this..



Well I see this a lot. It’s probably one of my biggest pet peeves on star stable too.                So let me get this out there…

  • All clubs start small.
  • It’s not the club that’s nice, it’s the people in it.
  • the reason why they are popular is because they’re big, maybe have many medias that they’re on, etc.

I have said this once, and regretted it. Being invited to a BIG club that was popular and I got a club that never included their members, (due to its size.)  Only came together to boast about how big the club was…

Also, If you’re advertising your club, or a club you’re in… please.. do NOT say this                “Come join (club name)! We’re the best!”

This also a big peeve of mine. Your club, or someone else’s cannot be the best  because there are TONS of clubs out there are extremely terrific! In fact when I saw this advertisement I have never even SEEN that club before! Either some super person came and organized ALL the clubs that are on star stable (which is likely impossible) and saw that their’s were the best, OR they were just saying that to get more people in. Never say this, it’s like lying to people saying, “Hey come join this club and you’ll BE the best” and once they join and see it wasn’t true.. they’ll leave and you won’t have any respect.  It’s very important to be true and honest when you’re first wanting people to join your club. You don’t want your club to be like a jail where people are striving to be good so they won’t get kicked out and won’t be ‘cool.’

Sorry for the long post, I hope you finished it all and that you take it to heart! Maybe it will even help in the future!

This has been on my shoulders, weighing me down for a while and it’s kind of annoying. I hope the word gets out and players will be more careful and most of all honest when advertising their club. I want everyone to have a good experience with building a club and going that direction isn’t the best.

Thanks again,

 – Kiwi 


Fashions of Jorvik || Part 2

So this is going to be.. fairly long. There is a lot of media here so yea, a lot of entries. I’m really sorry about the delayed content. I have been really busy and never got to the point of getting on here. I’m not even sure if this is all of it.. but WOO.. It took awhile xD

Anyhow, thanks for waiting and your unbelievable patience, I can’t thank y’all enough. If you’re wanting to be in the next ‘part’ or ’round’ just mail me or message below. I’d love to meet up and take a quick picture!

~ Keira Mcbrooke ~
~ Haley Understar ~
~ Amanda Flowerborn ~
~ Alessia Skyheart ~
~ Mia Swordfeather ~
~ Paige Bravefield ~ “Credit to: Kate Eastfield”
~ Margaret Ravenknight ~
~ Keira Mcbrooke ~
~ Piper Northhope ~
~ Samantha Longgarden ~
~ Olivia Youngpark ~
~ Madelyn Shortson ~
~ Bella Moonsea ~
~ Layla Lightninghill ~
~ Lara Friendhand ~
~ Leoni Grayson ~
~ Stella Starchild ~

There you all have it! Fashions of Jorvik || Prt. 2!

This took, heh, a LONG TIME. I truly hope it’s worth the wait and that it is helpful. I’d like it announce that the next “part.” will definitely NOT be as long as this one, (for sure.)


If you are interested in being in the next session for Fashions of Jorvik; please, inform me. I’d love to get together and surely go and take some pictures for some more content on here!

“Look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder”  —

Thank you all for your patience and I hope you all have a blessed day

Kiwi — Over & Out —

Fashions of Jorvik || Part 1

I have some spectacular sets here! (tack and outfit) Here are some fab ones! Part 1~

~ Alyssa Dragonfire ~ (from ‘The Ponies”)
~ Edita Nightpoulos ~
~ Keira Mcbrooke ~
~ Alexa Dawnfield ~
 ~ Josefine Masterforest ~
~ Ellen Shadowknight ~


There you all have it! These outfits are credited to those who are wearing them! ♦ω♦ I think all of those are stunning! Stay tuned for Part 2! If you’re proud of your set (tack and outfit) .. contact me! I’d always love to make an appointment with you to take a quick photo-shoot!  Thank you, I couldn’t ask for a better community. ♥


Don’t forget to find me frolicking on Night-Star! Oh! And Happy Easter!

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