Alicia Online

In the early summer of 2017, Star Stable released an update where you could change your point of view in the game. Doing so, there was a lot of dislikes, and so on. So they decided to fix it up a bit to please the players… but this caused even more problems. Long story short … Star Stable did not work for me for a month and a half. Consisting of multiple reinstalling, and resolution checks and so on. I was absolutely dreadful, thinking I’d never be able to play my beloved Star Stable Online ever again. Now that may sound petty, but It really hurt considering I spent ACTUAL (very large) amounts of money into that game, including a lifetime membership.

But during that time I couldn’t just NOT play a horse game for about the time of my WHOLE SUMMER BREAK. So, I did some research. I came up with two possible replacements for the time that Star Stable was down. These two games are Planet Horse and Alicia Online.

I decided on Alicia because it seemed to have the same amount of interaction as to Star Stable, but Planet Horse didn’t seem as much interesting. Plus, the graphics on the horses mattered as well, because of course, I am a horse lover.

So then, I began to play Alicia Online. Alicia Online is Korean game dubbed into multiple languages and there is even such thing as an Alicia Online 2.0 but that sadly costs money to play. So I got the free, but still absolutely fun version. I know have an account that is already at level 40, and I have multiple horses (That I did NOT have to pay real money to get online money for, *cough cough* star stable>>) and the game even has breeding! So you can get a pretty foal from your very own horses. Of course, you have to use your own carrots (the currency in AO) to do so.

I am sad to say this but I don’t play Star Stable as much anymore, considering I found a faster, more fun, FREE, game… that I should have gotten before… that would’ve saved money. But I still have a strong passion, love, and fading obsession for my beloved game – Star Stable Online.

With Care,

{ SSO } – Samantha Longgarden

{ AO } – Luxandra

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