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Rant and Rave || Clubs

This rant is not to offend anyone in clubs like these, or do these things. Just a pure thought that kind of makes me rant and rave.



A lot of you have seen this..



Well I see this a lot. It’s probably one of my biggest pet peeves on star stable too.                So let me get this out there…

  • All clubs start small.
  • It’s not the club that’s nice, it’s the people in it.
  • the reason why they are popular is because they’re big, maybe have many medias that they’re on, etc.

I have said this once, and regretted it. Being invited to a BIG club that was popular and I got a club that never included their members, (due to its size.)  Only came together to boast about how big the club was…

Also, If you’re advertising your club, or a club you’re in… please.. do NOT say this                “Come join (club name)! We’re the best!”

This also a big peeve of mine. Your club, or someone else’s cannot be the best  because there are TONS of clubs out there are extremely terrific! In fact when I saw this advertisement I have never even SEEN that club before! Either some super person came and organized ALL the clubs that are on star stable (which is likely impossible) and saw that their’s were the best, OR they were just saying that to get more people in. Never say this, it’s like lying to people saying, “Hey come join this club and you’ll BE the best” and once they join and see it wasn’t true.. they’ll leave and you won’t have any respect.  It’s very important to be true and honest when you’re first wanting people to join your club. You don’t want your club to be like a jail where people are striving to be good so they won’t get kicked out and won’t be ‘cool.’

Sorry for the long post, I hope you finished it all and that you take it to heart! Maybe it will even help in the future!

This has been on my shoulders, weighing me down for a while and it’s kind of annoying. I hope the word gets out and players will be more careful and most of all honest when advertising their club. I want everyone to have a good experience with building a club and going that direction isn’t the best.

Thanks again,

 – Kiwi 



Outfits || “Who are you wearing?”

Hello everyone! Lately I have been making outfits as I go. I am here to share some with you once more! Also, one person that I was talking to who knew my blog and read daily (Thanks btw) said, “I can’t wait till next Saturday so I can buy the stuff I need for that yellow and moorland outfit/ set!.” My heart fluttered. It felt so nice for people to use my outfits that I came up with. (some may partially have been inspired by passing by players.) If you are inspired by these outfits. . . go ahead and use them! That’s why they’re there! You’re little own fashion store! (or something of that sort XD)

Anyways, I have some outfits here:

Hunter Green
Minty City
Burgundy Beauty (with cap)
Burgundy Beauty No.2 (with helmet)
Coral Daze
Glamorous Gal (with sport)
Glamorous Gal No.2 ( with moorland brown)


Inferno Fresh

There ya have it! Sorry this came in so delayed. It was supposed to be uploaded awhile back but I never got the chance to upload all the media (pictures.) Thank you all for the support and I hope you enjoy my content such as this! ❤ If you’d like to use one of these outfits (or more) and don’t know the information… look for it at Star Stable Data Base. It will help you a lot! Mail me on sso to inform me you’re using the outfits. I’d love to hear some feedback! Later Taters!~

Don’t forget to find me frolicking along on Night Star! ôωô

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News and Dressage!

I got my surface back! I’ll surely be getting back to that.. I’m working on some art and I hope to upload to here soon! ❤ (news)

I have recently joined ‘Moon Lions’. They’re truly a happy bunch. Though our time zones get the best of us… we always do something! I have been in touch with the leaders, they are awesome friends and I’m glad to be..  -drum roll-  The Dressage Leader! It’s music to my ears to have something to be in charge of. I am in love with sso dressage. That’s why I am here to say something…

~ I am now open for dressage lessons any time ~

Here’s some info -3- :

Please, don’t attend if you’re thinking that, ‘Oh, she’s just going to go act all professional with me and pfft, she doesn’t know much about REAL dressage.. I bet we’ll just be prancing around.’ HA, NOPE!  I will be directing you, and watching you as you follow. Like, I say “Curl set, go” That kind of stuff. If you don’t know, don’t worry! We’ll go over all of that before we start doing it.

If you want to be apart of this please be eligible with the following:

  • At least one maxed horse (please be Lipizzaner, Thoroughbred or Friesian model)
  • Experience with orders
  • Star Rider (Most arenas are open to all Star riders)

And that’s pretty much it! If you have some of those things and you feel like you won’t be able to attend.. don’t worry! We can work around it. I never want someone missing out on something they want to do! The dressage I’m going to be doing is NOT real dressage… it’s star stable dressage… yea XD.

Lol, thank you all for supporting my content and don’t forget to find me frolicking along on Night-Star! ÙωÚ

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Outfits || New 2017 selection

So I’ve been slowly making outfit (and tack) sets. I have been enjoying them a lot more lately and have decided to share some with you!

Why not go on ahead a swing right into it!

Horse Model:  Friesian – Magenta/ Maggie/ Mag.

Here is my ‘casual cowboy’ as I call it 🙂 It’s well suited.


‘Sweet American’


‘Sunny Days’


‘Purple Pop’




  • Photos Taken by: Samantha Longgarden. (me)
  • Photos taken at: Jorvik Stables’ small arena.
  • Outfits made by: Samantha Longgarden. (me)
  • Horse: Friesian –  –  – Magenta/ Maggie/ Mag

I truly think these outfits are super fabulous! And maybe it will inspire you to come up with your own! (or maybe use these outfits?)

Don’t forget to find me frolicking along on Night-Star! Y’all have a blessed day!

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Dressage || Basics

I was on Star Stable today and I was thinking to myself, ‘Man, what should I do for my next blog post?’ So then I decided to ask a friend! Luca Skyfall told me that I should to some tips on dressage! So I agreed intently, so here I am now typing my heart out and happy to have some SSO content/ tips! So let’s get going!

                                                         ~ Dressage Basics ~

[Please Note: These ‘basics’ are not ‘real life’ dressage basics. This is from Star Stable Online.]

Comb:  When your dressage instructor says ‘comb’ this means to turn either left or right (depending where you are) – Comb left, comb right – And to turn off the railing/ wall and continue to the other.

Curl: This means to turn of the wall in a loop and then return to a straight line afterwards, not merging into any riders’ circle.

Dye: You come to the corner of the arena and then go from the corner diagonal to the other corner of the arena.

(DTC) Down The Center: It explains itself, whenever your instructor says this you go to the middle of the wall   – where you are – and turn there, going to the other side.

Split: Whenever your instructor announces this you follow the line till you come to the center of a wall (kind of like ‘down the center’) you go the opposite directions of the person in front, you ‘split.’

Those are the tops 5 basic steps to dressage that follow. If you have any suggestions or basics routine steps that I may not have listed, please inform me! I always try to give out thorough tips and help!

I as well hope this helps you next time you’re doing some dressage or watching some others do it and be able to identify them yourself.

Thank you again Luca Skyfall for brainstorming some ideas for/ with me! If you didn’t help me, I would be dumb-founded over the keyboard right now, probably typing some junk stuff that no one cares about.XD

Anything that you need some advice/ tips for SSO? I’d love to help, go on and ask me! I’d love to help you out. ❤

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Jumping | SSO’S finest competition

All of you star riders along Star Stable Online don’t ALWAYS get a splendid way over the fence, yea? Well it’s normal, so do not worry! We all do it (Unless you’re not a star rider) Sometimes we get distracted with all the fascinating objects and graphics around us, and that’s all right! But do you ever just to get OVER a jump clearly with no trotting at the end? Or just get the last race done perfectly until your horse is a level higher? Or you’re rushing around and just that ONE fence get’s in your way? Or even WORSE… CHAMPIONSHIPS. YEA. Well anyways, I am getting a little carried away. The point is… follow these simple learnable steps and you’ll be flyin’ over those obsticals!

                                                             Jumping & Getting around

First off, in real life, when you’re riding you don’t stare at your horse. Doing this will help see what’s going on around and will help you estimate when you should jump next. Then again your horse is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and just can’t keep your eyes off! Well, if you want to get over that villainous little obstacle you’re gonna have to give your sweet heart a break from admiration. So here are the steps to Jumping and Getting around. 

  1. Look where you’re going. Not at your horse.
  2. See the next jump? Good!
  3. Watch the “green arrow” that is above the jump, stare at it… and also the very top bar of the jump. Kind of like day-dreaming into the arrow.
  4. Your hand will automatically react once your come upon the jump. Kind of like a flinch reaction.
  5. Did you get over the jump? Great! If not, try these steps again!

Doing these steps will come easy after repeating through after more and more times you jump. I do this whenever training, or trying to show off in front of friends! xD It helps me and I hope it helps you! I hope these will help you along the trails and trials of the evil hurdles along all the SSO adventures! x) I will try to figure out some more tips that I come across the spectacular Star Stable Online game!

But for now, that’s all I have! Just in case, stay tuned! ❤ Don’t forget to find me frolicking along on Night Star! ❤

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Horse Buying Tips | When you can’t decide

So I know one of the problems about horse buying is DECIDING WHICH ONE TO BUY! And.. naming them. If you feel sad, or that you are they only one with this problem, don’t be! Many riders deal with these problems especially since many of the horses SSO HQ (Star Stable Online Head-Quarters) make are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, FANTASTIC, ADORABLE, INCREDIBLE, AND STUNNING horses! Plus: Many and many breeds. So of course it’s hard to choose!

So that’s why I’m here with a few tips on horse buying! So let’s get started!


  1.  Figure out what breed you want
  2. Can’t pick a color? Pick the pros and cons in the colors that you most like
  3. How many of that color do you have? You don’t want repeated colors! Get a little outside the box!
  4. Did you find the 2 or 3 you like most? good!
  5.  Now think of the pros or cons to those.(If you can’t think about what you think has most potential to your eye)
  6.  If you figure out a horse you want than name it!

Can’t figure out a name? Then follow these simple steps to finding a great suitable and unique name for your new bud!


(Warning: This is probably the most TIME CONSUMING PART)

  1.  Think of your horses characteristics that you see in him -or-her
  2. Scroll through the 2 name lists, and write down the ones that catch your eye
  3. Once you finish up your list mix some names up (As in putting the two parts of the name together. With this you can see multiple names to choose from as well)
  4. Write the whole names down that you mostly like
  5. With those names look at your soon-to-be horse and look again for the ones who express his or hers ultimate potential.
  6. Picked one? Good! You’ve got a name for your horse! (If you don’t does these steps again with some other parts of the name)

If you grow to dislike your horse’s name… you can always change it! Where you ask? Why the most known places to change a horse’s name is in Fort Pinta (where you get your ticket for the Jorvik City bus) and in Silverglade Village. Near the councilman on the side of the club house building (next to where the Christmas tree would be at Christmas time) The “Re-Register Your Horse’s name” option is 135 star coins.

I hope these steps helped you decide and or name or horse! I had a fabulous and adventurous time typing this and putting in my input and tips/ advise on horse buying!

Once again, don’t forget to find me frolicking along on NIght-Star!

Kiwi — Over & Out —