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Star Stable based digital art!

When I post digital, or even traditional, It is most likely ponies, dogs, cats, etc. But here I have some people art… star stable based, even! 😀

So enjoy, they both took about an hour each.

I’m really proud of both of these, I love how the faces came out. I hope to grow into the art style and make it my natural muscle memory!

I love these, if you would like a special request, mail me in-game! I’ll post it on here, and if you have Instagram I’ll see to posting it on there as well! (it will be a portrait like listed above.)
Thanks again for reading, though it was short.

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Wish list || Horses

Sorry for the inactivity once more! Volleyball season IS over, (it’s been over) I’ve just been pretty busy with schoolwork. Now that I have Thanksgiving break, and that my Surface 3 is working again. I decided to take the time and type.

These are some horses I have been wanting for a while and soon being able to get (my birthday is coming up.) I haven’t gotten star coins in 7+ months, so this is going to be pretty exciting. 😀

Here are the Horses! :

  1. Hanoverian

I’ve been in LOVE with these horses ever since they came out and I’m thrilled to get 1 or 2 soon! They both cost 890 sc, and you have to be at least level 14.

2. Haflinger

The one that is only on the Star Stable Horses App is so cute, I love the dappled belly! Sadly, I do not have the App… so the one on the game is the one I will most likely be getting. It was my first pick, after all. They both cost 810 sc, and you have to be at least level 5.

3. Arabian Thoroughbred


I have two of the old models of the Arabian Thoroughbred, but I wanted to get the new animations and look. I liked the first ones they came out with when they updated them, but good thing I waited, because I am absolutely IN LOVE with this one! All the new Arabian Thoroughbreds cost 969 sc, and you have to be at least level 10.

2 Hanoverian, 1 Haflinger, and 1 Arabian Thoroughbred will cost me up to 3,559 star coins. I will have 6,441star coins left. Gosh goodness gracious, I am so excited!

Thank you Abbie Star-watcher for providing most of the pictures! Star Stable Database is an absolute blessing! If you ever need help finding certain Clothes, Equipment, Decoration, Accessories, Hairstyles, Make-Up, Horses, Bags, Pets, Optimizing, and even the Guest-book. It’s all there and it helps out tremendously! So go check it out!   •ω•

Thank you once more for reading! It means a lot to me to hear some feedback as well! If you have any questions go on ahead and ask away in the comments. Don’t forget to like while you’re at it. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞  👍   ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

Don’t forget to find me frolicking on Night Star!

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