My Art

So if you’ve seen my other page Star Stableyou know that I play… (You guessed it) Star Stable! Though that’s not all from it!

I draw. a lot. like.. A LOT. I’m also a lover for digital art, I am actually saving up for a surface pro! You may ask, “But how do you get all the money to save up for?” Well my friend, my grandpa gives me a allowance once every month. I also have a store, it’s on Etsy. I don’t have many things in my store, >.< sorry about that.

Maybe I could do some Star Stable art on there? So once people start like…liking my sso art I could do commissions? I’m just really excited for once I have enough money to get a surface pro! (digital art tablet) I was wondering, once I get one, IF I ever end up getting one I could maybe do posts about some art I do on it! It all depends if people purchase from my store! I’m SRArtbox on Esty. Etsy is a homemade items store, where you can sell things homemade or buy things that are.

Link to my store:

Well, I hope to see you soon! And don’t forgot to find my frolicking along on Night Star!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 If you are interested in the way I draw (People, ponies, horses, etc) Then once more… go to my Shop!

It’s on Esty: SRArtbox

Kiwi — Over & Out —

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