About Me

Hello! I’m Samantha and I love to draw, play star stable (of course), play volleyball, and most importantly; making others happy! I have been playing star stable online for 4 years now and I am proud to be playing it. I aspire to grow as a strong artist and to soon apply for an art institute. I have a very busy schedule including school, extracurricular activities, and more. I always try to do my best to try to squeeze in some time for Star Stable, Alicia Online, and drawing. I used to take requests, I still do but I’ve been so busy I barely find time to even relax.

Other Medias

Instagram: wild_sketcher  == Do NOT DM me ==

Sketch: kat.just.kat •3•  (art app)

I play:

  • Star Stable Online

NA1: Night Star, level 19, lifetime.

  • Alicia Online

Luxandra, level 22


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