Disappointment || Rant

So it’s been a week since I’ve been able to play Star Stable Online. Well, they have just recently made 2 Redeem Codes [10MILLION & WE<3YOU] and one was for a jacket that was quite beautiful and the second one was for 100 star coins (and I believe star rider.) Today I had to chance to get on, so I logged on, pressed “PLAY” and it loaded… and then my whole computer went BLACK. Then this popped up.


And then my screen’s resolution went to an 8 bit depth, and my computer is a 32 bit depth, in color depth. Which when logging on it usually changes color depth, but only temporally.  I think that all of SSO HQ’S work on the screen resolution in game and recent updates are the meaning behind this. Though, I may be completely wrong. Whatever it is, it’s annoying as crap and SSO really need to find a way to test their updates before releasing them. Like when they changed the screen viewing. They didn’t have to. Yea, it would be cool to give them game a different look, but it wasn’t a need. It was perfectly fine the way it was. Then, I got used to the new way it looked… but then they modified it again. After they changed it .. ONCE MORE… I had to fix it a bit in-game. Still leaving my with a foggy view and two huge black columns on each side of my game screen.

I am HIGHLY upset, frustrated, and most of all; PEEVED. I know it works for many other people, but some players may have low resolution that equals to the game. I do NOT. I would really like it if SSO HQ started making different variations for different computer resolutions. Yes, it may be hard. But it is harder on the heart to have to know that I have a Lifetime account, star coins, friends, memories, and fun waiting for me. But with this problem I can’t even play. I have no clue if this is happening to other players, cause if it is, I hope with all my heart that Star Stable Online HQ KNOWS. Because this is heartbreaking and truly unbearable.

Thank you for reading

~ Samantha Longgarden


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