Fashions of Jorvik || Part 1

I have some spectacular sets here! (tack and outfit) Here are some fab ones! Part 1~

~ Alyssa Dragonfire ~ (from ‘The Ponies”)
~ Edita Nightpoulos ~
~ Keira Mcbrooke ~
~ Alexa Dawnfield ~
 ~ Josefine Masterforest ~
~ Ellen Shadowknight ~


There you all have it! These outfits are credited to those who are wearing them! ♦ω♦ I think all of those are stunning! Stay tuned for Part 2! If you’re proud of your set (tack and outfit) .. contact me! I’d always love to make an appointment with you to take a quick photo-shoot!  Thank you, I couldn’t ask for a better community. ♥


Don’t forget to find me frolicking on Night-Star! Oh! And Happy Easter!

Kiwi — Over & Out —


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