Upcoming News! & A fan! -ish

I have some breaking news!  My Surface 3 had a malfunction and now I have to access my mom’s computer to do my blog. Unfortunately I cannot do art, unless it’s on the traditional hand and paper. If I do that then it would more likely have bad quality and/ or not look clean. (I’d have to use my moms phone to upload media to WordPress.)

I’m sorry for this, I hope to see a surface 3 again, and fast. I don’t like not being able to access my blog and other medias/ websites.

I’d also like to announce this player. She has said so many encouraging and nothing but nice things about what I write on here!

   Thank you Danielle Northhope! ❤ Also you guys should go and check out her and (Piper Northhope’s) club! Moon Lions. I will soon be joining as well.


Thank you once again for your patience and I hope to get back to you all soon!

Don’t forget to find me frolicking along on Night-Star! Y’all have a blessed day.                  xoxo

Kiwi — Over & Out —


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