Outfits || New 2017 selection

So I’ve been slowly making outfit (and tack) sets. I have been enjoying them a lot more lately and have decided to share some with you!

Why not go on ahead a swing right into it!

Horse Model:  Friesian – Magenta/ Maggie/ Mag.

Here is my ‘casual cowboy’ as I call it 🙂 It’s well suited.


‘Sweet American’


‘Sunny Days’


‘Purple Pop’




  • Photos Taken by: Samantha Longgarden. (me)
  • Photos taken at: Jorvik Stables’ small arena.
  • Outfits made by: Samantha Longgarden. (me)
  • Horse: Friesian –  –  – Magenta/ Maggie/ Mag

I truly think these outfits are super fabulous! And maybe it will inspire you to come up with your own! (or maybe use these outfits?)

Don’t forget to find me frolicking along on Night-Star! Y’all have a blessed day!

Kiwi — Over & Out —


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