Some art :P Ye… & some news :3 I Guess? x)

I know I know, “But Kiwi, you didn’t do a St. Patrick’s day drawing!” Well.. I went on a trip and didn’t have time to, so hush! (I’ll think about making one anyways) X)

So I have some art… like always 😛 And I hope you all like it, if you grow to like it more and might think of a commission for either your character oc, pony oc, or ever your star steed from sso just comment below and I’ll direct you to my shop 🙂

(All sales are not digital at the moment) -cough- no one has bought art from my store… yet xD

Here they are:

Hey look! I tried to draw Link :’>
I wuv dis oc (not mine) Dalia. Splatoon, ye 😛 Squib >w<
I drew this awhile back, ew, so messy 😛 I didn’t try my best on this one more in likely called a (doodle) : Jackcepticeye.
I like this a lot.. just one thing: She’s unintentionally derp-eyed. x’3 Btw: She’s asking if you like trees XD Lux


This is a picture of Jumana (Silverbeat’s mom) <– Oc of mine. Her name is Isa. She’s a battle bone pony.

And… (drum roll)  MEME 😀


This is Karma, the Meme King. I love my doggo :3


But yea, thank you again for liking my heart and it’s always good to hear feedback!

Once again, if you are interested in getting a commission…   I’d love to!


 ^ You can contact me here for more information. ^

Some of the art in my shop is outdated.  But I have now evolved my artistic style.

Anywayyyysssssssss, Don’t forget to find me frolicking along on Night Star.

Kiwi — Over & Out —


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