Ultimate Cringe Outfit [No offense] || Tips?

So I was wanderin’ around and then I went to ‘The View’ (As I call it) And I saw this lonely person and I saw – at first- Beautiful horse, with all white tack (I don’t enjoy looking at all white tack, idk, it’s just odd) She’s wearing white TIGHT pants, white shoes, white CAT, everything WHITE… and what do I see? A black and gold sweater. Like..

What in tar-nation…

Why ruin it?

I am not making fun, nor pointing out this person. Just judging to myself about the logic in this outfit. If you do this kinda thing, okay, just don’t get offended. This is my open opinion and I just think outfits shouldn’t just be like that, I mean if you want to be all one solid piece then be one. Don’t just.. ugh.. ya know… Ruin the groove with an opposite sweater/ jacket/ and or hoodie. Just a tip ;0




Also, I’ve been looking in my ‘stats’ on here and it turns out I get a lot more ‘view traffic’ than I thought. Thank you guys and I hope you enjoy my content!  I try to come up with some stuff here and there, I’m quite busy so I do my best! ❤

Don’t forget to find me frolicking along on Night Star…

Kiwi  — Over & Out —


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