Youtuber Appreciation! || Star Stable Online


I’d like to announce these few (out of many) Youtubers on Star Stable! Most of us are friends and some are just ‘hang when not busy’ pals! I have been planning this post for awhile and taking pictures as much as I can and tried to get this up on Valentine’s Day but NOPE. I took too long! XD I still hope I did well on this.

Dear Everyone on Youtube (Star Stable) ,

I truly enjoy your laughs, training, and generally.. videos! I think the SSO community is brighter within the servers when we have great people like you all!  I had a great experience  meeting you all and getting to talk to you on your side of the story and I hope to hang out more often!

Some of the players/ youtubers listed below may, or may not see this but they shall know that at least someone fans-posts over them! So with respect to those who take time to what great content they give!

(I also have Rose Highstar but we didn’t have the time to meet up, -we were very busy- but just know that I have here especially down on this appreciation post too!

~ Ania Archblanket ~
~ Molly Beehall ~
~ Violet Flowergarden ~
~ Sara Sunfall ~

~ Rose Highstar ~ (picture NA)

~ Ellie Lightcloud ~
~ Crystal Kittenlake ~
~ Beata Shysmith ~
~ Ellie Greenfall ~

It’s not just these few youtubers that post great SSO content but everyone else who does as well! Sadly, I couldn’t get pictures and time to meet EVERYONE, you can understand that. Right? Good, I hope you do.

To all who post great SSO content I adore it all! Even if I don’t see it! I still think it’s great? ‘But how can you say it’s great if you haven’t seen it, Kiwi?’ -You may ask- Well, it’s simple. Whoever takes time in what they do and do it with enjoyment then it’s worth it. And I support all who do it, art, blogs, videos etc! I appreciate it all, I think it makes SSO a brighter highlight! ♡


Don’t forget to find me frolicking along on Night Star!

Kiwi — Over & Out —


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