Dressage || Basics

I was on Star Stable today and I was thinking to myself, ‘Man, what should I do for my next blog post?’ So then I decided to ask a friend! Luca Skyfall told me that I should to some tips on dressage! So I agreed intently, so here I am now typing my heart out and happy to have some SSO content/ tips! So let’s get going!

                                                         ~ Dressage Basics ~

[Please Note: These ‘basics’ are not ‘real life’ dressage basics. This is from Star Stable Online.]

Comb:  When your dressage instructor says ‘comb’ this means to turn either left or right (depending where you are) – Comb left, comb right – And to turn off the railing/ wall and continue to the other.

Curl: This means to turn of the wall in a loop and then return to a straight line afterwards, not merging into any riders’ circle.

Dye: You come to the corner of the arena and then go from the corner diagonal to the other corner of the arena.

(DTC) Down The Center: It explains itself, whenever your instructor says this you go to the middle of the wall   – where you are – and turn there, going to the other side.

Split: Whenever your instructor announces this you follow the line till you come to the center of a wall (kind of like ‘down the center’) you go the opposite directions of the person in front, you ‘split.’

Those are the tops 5 basic steps to dressage that follow. If you have any suggestions or basics routine steps that I may not have listed, please inform me! I always try to give out thorough tips and help!

I as well hope this helps you next time you’re doing some dressage or watching some others do it and be able to identify them yourself.

Thank you again Luca Skyfall for brainstorming some ideas for/ with me! If you didn’t help me, I would be dumb-founded over the keyboard right now, probably typing some junk stuff that no one cares about.XD

Anything that you need some advice/ tips for SSO? I’d love to help, go on and ask me! I’d love to help you out. ❤

Don’t forget to find me frolicking along on NightStar

Kiwi — Over & Out —


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