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I understand that like Youtubers mostly get like fan-girling and all that on SSO… but this just made my day. A lot of bloggers don’t even get one little notification on SSO from their blog.   (  Unless you’re a really, really popular player >3<  ) But this.. this just made my heart flutter ❤

So I was strutting around Silverglade Village and this player had a beautiful horse, and an amazing outfit and tack concept so I decided to friend her thinking, Maybe I can get some inside tips from her about outfits.  Because actually, it’s kinda hard to make new outfits out of the blue. –For me- So I friended her, next thing I now, I have a group invite from her. (  Or him  ) And so I accept it, and she asks, “Don’t you have a blog?” and I responded, “Yes, why?” And she said “I absolutely love your blog! You do such a great job with you blog. I found you frolicking along on Night Star! :D”

That sentence…




I was astonished, it was like you have been locked in a box of disappointment and you hear a key and the doors are finally opened, and someone is there saying, “You’re alright, you do well.”

It finally happened, my first ‘fan’ or something of that sort x) I just want to thank you, Sadie Springleaf for appreciating my work, it made my day.. thoroughly 🙂

This fabulous player :’)

Also, after we met and hung out for a while we came to a conclusion to remake STAR AGENTS! So that’s open for business and pleasure! Just contact me through Star Stable Online -I’m Samantha Longgarden- (Uh, duh) So yea 😀 Thanks again Sadie! ❤

Don’t forget to find me frolicking along on Night Star!

Kiwi — Over & Out —



2 thoughts on “Fans??? | Made My Day

  1. EEEK? STAR AGENTS BACK? Oh man that’s going to be so tough for me 😅 I would absolutely love to join the first ever club that pulled at my heart strings but I can’t bare to leave my family now. (Also I read all your posts, so you do have more fans we’re just part of the silent squad 😂)

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