Art | Digital

Hello fellow reader! I haven’t really been so active on this blog, and I’d really like to work on that.  Between every star stable tips, stories, or laughs I will put in some art. This is because it takes me awhile to come up with things such as a story, pictures, etc.. So I’ll be showing you some of my drawings now!     ^3^

 Cracker Jack. 🙂
trying out a new art-style…This Opal
This is Sky Splinter, the two things on his ears are scars.

So there you have it! Told y’all it was digital ❤ I hope you all enjoy these drawings, they all took me about 30 minutes or so. Thank you all for your patience.

If you begin to like this art style go on over to “My Art” page on here and you’ll see a link to my store where you can ask for a commission for you horse (on star stable) or your pony oc.

Kiwi — Over & Out —


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