Jumping | SSO’S finest competition

All of you star riders along Star Stable Online don’t ALWAYS get a splendid way over the fence, yea? Well it’s normal, so do not worry! We all do it (Unless you’re not a star rider) Sometimes we get distracted with all the fascinating objects and graphics around us, and that’s all right! But do you ever just to get OVER a jump clearly with no trotting at the end? Or just get the last race done perfectly until your horse is a level higher? Or you’re rushing around and just that ONE fence get’s in your way? Or even WORSE… CHAMPIONSHIPS. YEA. Well anyways, I am getting a little carried away. The point is… follow these simple learnable steps and you’ll be flyin’ over those obsticals!

                                                             Jumping & Getting around

First off, in real life, when you’re riding you don’t stare at your horse. Doing this will help see what’s going on around and will help you estimate when you should jump next. Then again your horse is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and just can’t keep your eyes off! Well, if you want to get over that villainous little obstacle you’re gonna have to give your sweet heart a break from admiration. So here are the steps to Jumping and Getting around. 

  1. Look where you’re going. Not at your horse.
  2. See the next jump? Good!
  3. Watch the “green arrow” that is above the jump, stare at it… and also the very top bar of the jump. Kind of like day-dreaming into the arrow.
  4. Your hand will automatically react once your come upon the jump. Kind of like a flinch reaction.
  5. Did you get over the jump? Great! If not, try these steps again!

Doing these steps will come easy after repeating through after more and more times you jump. I do this whenever training, or trying to show off in front of friends! xD It helps me and I hope it helps you! I hope these will help you along the trails and trials of the evil hurdles along all the SSO adventures! x) I will try to figure out some more tips that I come across the spectacular Star Stable Online game!

But for now, that’s all I have! Just in case, stay tuned! ❤ Don’t forget to find me frolicking along on Night Star! ❤

Kiwi — Over & Out —


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