Horse Buying Tips | When you can’t decide

So I know one of the problems about horse buying is DECIDING WHICH ONE TO BUY! And.. naming them. If you feel sad, or that you are they only one with this problem, don’t be! Many riders deal with these problems especially since many of the horses SSO HQ (Star Stable Online Head-Quarters) make are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, FANTASTIC, ADORABLE, INCREDIBLE, AND STUNNING horses! Plus: Many and many breeds. So of course it’s hard to choose!

So that’s why I’m here with a few tips on horse buying! So let’s get started!


  1.  Figure out what breed you want
  2. Can’t pick a color? Pick the pros and cons in the colors that you most like
  3. How many of that color do you have? You don’t want repeated colors! Get a little outside the box!
  4. Did you find the 2 or 3 you like most? good!
  5.  Now think of the pros or cons to those.(If you can’t think about what you think has most potential to your eye)
  6.  If you figure out a horse you want than name it!

Can’t figure out a name? Then follow these simple steps to finding a great suitable and unique name for your new bud!


(Warning: This is probably the most TIME CONSUMING PART)

  1.  Think of your horses characteristics that you see in him -or-her
  2. Scroll through the 2 name lists, and write down the ones that catch your eye
  3. Once you finish up your list mix some names up (As in putting the two parts of the name together. With this you can see multiple names to choose from as well)
  4. Write the whole names down that you mostly like
  5. With those names look at your soon-to-be horse and look again for the ones who express his or hers ultimate potential.
  6. Picked one? Good! You’ve got a name for your horse! (If you don’t does these steps again with some other parts of the name)

If you grow to dislike your horse’s name… you can always change it! Where you ask? Why the most known places to change a horse’s name is in Fort Pinta (where you get your ticket for the Jorvik City bus) and in Silverglade Village. Near the councilman on the side of the club house building (next to where the Christmas tree would be at Christmas time) The “Re-Register Your Horse’s name” option is 135 star coins.

I hope these steps helped you decide and or name or horse! I had a fabulous and adventurous time typing this and putting in my input and tips/ advise on horse buying!

Once again, don’t forget to find me frolicking along on NIght-Star!

Kiwi — Over & Out —


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