Some old photographs of Star Agents

One of the clubs I owned was named Star Agents, we were big, active, and close together.

So I was going over some old boards and saw one  called “Star Agents.” At that point I knew I was going to have a crying-fest. Willing to do so I clicked on the board, and soon found myself looking at all of our big meetings and pictures of the members. I miss them so much. Here are the pictures.

Our logo? xD
we would usually meet in Steve, I see. The person on the far right bottom corner on the painted sport horse with the white wraps is Delilah Moonhurricane, and we still keep in touch.
Love that thoroughbred’s pose & Face xD
This is.. overwhelmingly confusing XD What was I doing!?!
some solo-shots and one big one
Pretty nice and long line there in Valedale.. or is that Firgrove?
This one was probably the biggest meet. ❤
I love this edit, and the shires ❤

So that’s what I saw and I surely miss it! ❤

That’s mostly what I have for now! Stay tuned for more! Don’t forget to find me frolicking around on Night Star! º¸º ❤

Kiwi — Over & Out —


One thought on “Some old photographs of Star Agents

  1. OMG WE WERE SO BIG!! I can’t believe I forgot about Star Agents! Wow I remember when the spotted horse was my main! Oh my goshhhh this is crazy 🙄 That would have been awesome if we still had kept the club going!

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