Weekly Winnie’s… going down hill..

Hey guys so maybe some of you know about the Weekly Winnie’s? Well, I have only done IT ONCE. And I said I was supposed to do it once every week. Well, I know it’s been more than one week since I’ve published the page. It’s just that I’ve been quite busy, and you guys understand that. Birthday’s and now Christmas coming around the corner.. I have much things to do! Now.. I know y’all look forward to the drawings of the horses on Star Stable but sometimes I don’t have the time. So now, I’ll just try to upload one of the drawings I do a week. They’re digital so… don’t worry, they’re awesome. I’m actually still trying to figure out the drawing app “Medibang Paint Pro.”

So from now on that’s gonna be going on. ;d But if sometime I’ll be able to do a horse drawing, I will. YE BE WARNED HATERS OF MLP (I’m not obsessed with mlp, btw) I have oc’s (Original creations) and sometimes I even draw characters from the show itself, all depends on how I feel. Here are some pictures of what I do, just to give you a feel of what I draw. I’m still working on drawing people.


My friends portrait
this is my mane oc, w/ background
w/o background.. her name is Valerey
another one of Valerey
I tried to draw pusheen XD
This is.. kinda supposed to be me… :>
Old kinda drawing of Valerey.. she’s wearing a bday party hat
twilight sparkle, w/ background
twilight sparkle w/o
random person.. my mom named her XD

So yea, that’s about it… like my whole document of my drawings xD

Well, that’s all for now , thanks for reading and don’t forget to find me frolicking along on Night Star (sso)

Kiwi — Over & Out —


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