Bad news… and … good news?

So this week I may not be able to produce the next Weekly Winnie’s because… I have to start and finish a project by THURSDAY NIGHT! Yea. 3-D one too ._. Great. BUT I HAVE GOOD NEWS! On Friday it’s my birthday :3 YEY! confetti So, sorry about this (heartbreaking, to me) news. I hope I can come up with an apology picture/ art thing, so yea.

Sorry about that XD

-whipes tears-

Welp, that’s all I have for today, and don’t forget to stay tuned! SSO IS COMING OUT WITH THEIR NEW STABLES “MyStables” thing! SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! ❤

Don’t forget to find me frolicking along on NightStar!

Kiwi — Over & Out —


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