Some outfits& tack I use on Star Stable

Here are some outfits & tack I use on star stable. I know, such an AMAZING topic but it’s been real busy for me. So I’m trying to squeeze in time and ideas for this blog.

This spectacular stallion I am riding is named “Frappy” (last name is “chino”) He’s my first Morgan. If you don’t know already: I almost have ALL the Morgan’s so he’s the most precious .. kinda 😀 ❤

Here’s a mixture of blue hue’s. This outfit is the newest of them all right now.

Of course, Frappy is blinking.

This next outfit is pretty common but I’m trying to move out of summer-ish outfits.

I’m serious, he’s like the least photogenic horse. Ever.

This one is dedicated to ‘red’
I feel like he’s doing it on purpose now -_-

This one is inspired from black and white

“I shall be blinking” -Frappy

This is my fancy one :3outfit.4.fancy.jpg

Well guy’s I think this post is pretty productive and awesome so yea, congrats to me, aye?

I hope you enjoyed this and maybe gave you more ideas for new outfits to come. I know there were a lot of pics, and Frappy wasn’t the most wide-eyed horse but you know what, I think I did fabulously on this. So see you around! Don’t forget to find me frolicking along on Night Star!

I really need to get different make up on.            eh.  (/-3-)/

Kiwi — Over & Out —


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