First post for Weekly Winnies!

I have had this picture the whole week, I finished it about Tuesday but sadly, I never had the time to publish! Sorry about that…. ;3 So I hope you like this. The far left is a Flea Bitten Grey Thoroughbred, in the middle is the Flaxen Chestnut Friesian Sport Horse, and on the right is the Black American Quarter Horse. Take note that these ideas for drawing three certain horses were contributed by Brooke Darkyard, the leader of Emo Dragons Legacy.


I hope this looks liking to the eye. I think it does. I MAY have made the two horses on the side TOO short, heh heh. Whoops. I’m still working out the details here on my blog on Word Press, I think I’m doing swell at it. I’m gonna do a water-color picture for thanksgiving with a horse and a rider (I think I can do more than I can, lol) Instead of doing two extra horses & a ribbon… should I do that for Christmas too? The water color idea? Hmm, I’ll work on it.

I hope you enjoy my art,  because I sure do. If you have any ideas for the next Weekly Winnie’s ask my on sso or here! I don’t care really! Also, HAPPY HOLIDAYS (I forgot when Thank giving is going on, so gonna say it now, lol)

Don’t forget to find me frolicking on Night Star!

Kiwi — Over & Out —


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