—Dreams & Wishes — Will they ever come true?

So I was kinda bored, and I was thinking, “How about I do a post about my dreams and wishes.” SO BOOM, HERE WE GO.

  1. Having unlimited star coins on sso or receiving 50,000 star coins a month.
  2. Getting an actual horse
  3. Surface Pro (digital art tablet)
  4. Fame (I think all of want this, but I know a real fame, fame with God)
  5.  Have the biggest collection of Breyer horses
  6. Owning tons of land for trail ride with my dream horse
  7. Being the highest level on Star Stable XD
  8. Become an amazing artist when it comes to horse sketches/ doodles
  9. Winning the lottery (If only~ XD)
  10.  Be fit
  11. Having my own personal stash of spanakopita (Greek food that’s to die for.. to me)

Well there you have it, my dreams and wishes, kinda what was on the top of my head really. I know that everyone has a dream or a wish within their life. If you don’t or you accomplished it; find a new one. Like the movie Tangled says, hahahaha.  😀

That’s it for now, hopefully this was worth to read.

Kiwi — Over & Out —


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