Three New-comers

So these beauties came out 11/9/2016


So, a while back I bought 5,000 star coins. And I got some horses, tack, and more clothing. I settled in my mind, with 730 star coins at hand thinking… I want a regular animation horse. So I got the Appaloosa horse over at Marley’s. The next day the made a bay “Bae” Lipizzaner (That I have always wanted to them to make), a dark chocolate bay Welsh Pony, and a Snow White Sport, these three colors are like.. MY FAVORITE. Sadly, I don’t have any star coins. Guess I’ll just wait… a lot. So did you know there is going to be mustangs coming out on the 28 of Nov? Yea, and I don’t have star coins. . . for more information about the Mustangs, look at Star Stables Facebook. They have a video to it! (Spoiler: It can buck)

Well I hope to see you again soon! Don’t forget to find my frolicking on Night Star!

Kiwi — Over & Out —


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