Star stables 5th birthday, MISSED IT ALL

Okay, so a lot of you all know in the sso community that when Star Stable’s 5th birthday came around the game started having a few.. no.. alot of problems. Graphics, lagging, you name it. I was having trouble even walking around. The only place I could talk and type easily was in the Fashion Barn, In Silverglade Village. I couldn’t do ONE SINGLE Birthday activity!!! I was quite dissapointed. 3- 4 weeks later I finally got it working, but my mom had to use 100 dollars just to get the new graphics card and install. (thank you for helping, Best Buy) I’m so upset I missed the extra XP races, the treasure hunt thing, and everything else.  -sigh- I guess I’ll have to wait for next year. 

Well thanks for reading and don’t forget to catch me frolicking around on Night Star!
Kiwi —- Over & Out —-


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